Information Desk

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not accepting new applications for volunteers. Please check back in the fall for future opportunities.

Reports to:

Visitor Operations and Volunteer Specialist

Role Summary:

Information Desk Volunteers support the Library by providing critical wayfinding and information to visitors from a series of designated stations throughout the historic Thomas Jefferson Building. In support of the Library's goal to connect all Americans to the Library of Congress, the information desk volunteer program is designed to support visitors through an informative, easily navigable visit that promotes an appreciation of the nation's history and culture and highlights the ease of using Library resources. Thousands of visitors-from local communities, across the nation, and around the world- benefit from information desk services at the Library each year.

Information Desk Volunteers provide general wayfinding and information related to Library services, amenities, and resources, and are trained to field frequently asked questions on a myriad of topics from Library visitors.

Individuals in this role are assigned a designated post at a seated desk or station for each shift, and will field questions in that location for visitors navigating the building via a self-guided experience. These posts are designed to enable visitors and information desk volunteers to engage in time-limited direct interactions, ideally not to exceed three minutes in length.

This role is performed entirely on-site, in the Library's historic Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First Street SE, Washington, D.C.

Essential Responsibilities:

An Information Desk Volunteer's duty is to serve visitors to the Library by:

  • Assisting visitors, event attendees, researchers, Congressional staff, contractors, and employees with necessary information as they enter and navigate the Library, including:
    • Providing correct and clear directions;
    • Fielding general and Library-specific informational questions;
    • Where applicable, assisting with the check-in process for timed-entry pass holders and researchers with appointments.
  • Successfully communicating with visitors, including the general public, students, dignitaries, special-interest groups, and people with diverse learning styles and abilities.
  • Maintaining a non-partisan position in the presentation of information.
  • Maintaining an attitude of respect with all visitors, and in all relationships with peers and staff.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Necessary Skills:
  • Comfort with technology, including the use of handheld digital ticket scanning devices, touchscreen tablets and computers.
  • Ability to successfully interact with diverse audiences, age groups, and learning styles.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in a fast-paced and changing environment.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills.
  • A desire to continually learn new skills and Library information.

*The Library of Congress is committed to diversity. Women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodations are available upon request.*